About The Program

The most important decision you will ever make regarding your health is the selection of a physician to oversee, and guide your medical care. Your doctor must be someone you can trust and one who has the time and patience to listen to all of your medical problems. When you have a medical emergency, your physician should be readily available to see you, treat you and/or offer prompt medical advice. Finally, your physician should not only treat your illness, but place strong emphasis on preventing disease.

However, in today’s healthcare environment, how do you obtain high-quality medical care when your doctor’s office is overwhelmed with patients and the average encounter with your physician lasts less than 10 minutes?

Words from Antonio Fernández, MD, FACP, Prevention First Health Program

I created the Prevention-First Health Program (PFHP) to address these very issues. This premier program is designed for patients who value the importance of a strong personalized relationship with their doctor; one who is readily accessible when you need him. When you visit our office, your appointment runs on time, and your medical encounter takes place in a relaxed setting.

Ample time is allotted to discuss your underlying needs, with additional time dedicated to review the latest therapies that focus on preventing disease. Ultimately, a personalized wellness plan is developed for you where a strong emphasis on diet and exercise, accompanies your medical therapy. Overall, it is the type of medical program that optimizes your odds to protect the most valuable asset you currently possess-your health.


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