Member Benefits

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One of the most important benefits you will gain by joining PFHP is your access to healthcare. Because there is a limited number of members in the program, the dedicated staff at PFHP will efficiently cater to all of your medical needs.

As a member in this program you can expect:

  • A close relationship with office staff & doctors
  • Scheduled appointments that run on time
  • Routine office visits within 48 hours.
  • Urgent care on a same-day basis.
  • Blood draws, EKG’s, Bone Density, CIMT and Ultrasound testing on premises.
  • Proficient 24-hour/ 7 day-per-week phone coverage (including Holidays & weekends).
  • E-mail communication for routine questions, request prescription refills, test results and appointment scheduling

On occasions your medical condition may require a visit to one or multiple specialists. You may also need testing outside our office’s premises. As part of your member’s services we will facilitate the following:

  • Scheduling all of your appointments in a way that is convenient with your itinerary.
  • Your doctor will personally contact the specialist and explain the reason for your referral.
  • Specialist will be provided with the necessary medical records required to help them make an accurate diagnosis.
  • Test results and imaging studies performed outside our office as well as specialist’s consultation reports are available upon your return to our office for review and further discussion.
  • If you are admitted to the hospital inpatient hospital care is led and coordinated by your personal physician.
  • Medication regimens are periodically updated and simplified wherever possible.
  • Prescriptions are generated after each visit when refills run out or new prescriptions are written.
  • Prescriptions are called into your favorite drugstore to assist in a quicker pick up.
  • When preferred, home delivery arrangements can be made directly to your home.
  • Forms faxed or mailed to your Pharmacy Benefits’ Management Company when you are enrolled.
Comprehensive Record Keeping

An annually updated detailed summary of your medical history is always available on file to facilitate to you or other physicians that may be following your care. All of your consultation reports, operative reports and diagnostic studies performed throughout the year kept in your file readily available to you if you wish to review them.

Online Patient Portal

Members may opt to have internet access to their exclusive medical summary, consultant reports, blood test results and diagnostic studies by enrolling in the Patient Portal Access Service. You may inquire about the annual fee for this service further by calling our office.

Medical Library

Members with access to the Patient Portal may also access an extensive medical information database to further enhance their overall understanding of their condition(s) and other medical topics of interest. Suggested websites are also available in this section for your own personal research.


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