Adult Physicals

Annual adult physicals are a great way to track your health maintenance or progress. More importantly physicals serve as a preventive from of health care so that abnormalities can be detected early for optimal treatment options.

Your exam begins with a conversation with your doctor about general lifestyle information such as if you smoke, how often you drink, how often you engage in exercise, as well as any family medical history. During a physical, some vital signs are taken to ensure that you are within a healthy range.

Some vital signs:

  • Blood pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Respiration Rate
  • Temperature

A physical can include but not be limited to: heart exam to check for heart disease or other irregularities, a lung exam to listen for wheezes or fluid buildup, a head exam to visually examine the eyes, ears, sinuses and lymph nodes. Additional lab testing may be required to test for diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, or cancer.

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