Sexually transmitted disease screenings are not considered standard procedure when you visit your doctor. Make sure to specifically request an STD screening to ensure that you are healthy and clear of possible infections.

Some commons STDs to test for include:

  • Pubic lice: Physical exam
  • Syphilis: Blood test
  • Chlamydia: Physical exam, cell sample testing, urine test
  • Genital Warts: Physical exam
  • Gonorrhea: Cell sample testing, urine test
  • Hepatitis B: Blood test
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease: Pelvic exam, blood test
  • HIV/AIDS: Blood test, oral swab test
  • And more…

Not all STDs produce the same symptoms in both sexes so it is important to get regularly checked for STDs if you lead an active sexual lifestyle. Some STDs can go undetected and if left untreated can cause serious long-term damage. Talk to one of our health care professionals about getting tested today.

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